Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i feel like blogging now...feel release at last..phewww...trying to get bek my true world hehe...feel happi going out wit u...darn long didnt hang out wit u lorr..come back la dumboo...finals are coming so soon,and i haven even start studying wth??should i change my lifestyle?shud not play so much and study more *wink*.im going bek to dance n changing my image soon dun miss me too much *wink*=p 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halo haluuu people

okayy im boredd now.acting retarted faces many assignments to do n now is october already.time fliesss pheww.two more weeks to having my 2nd oral presentation on thursday so wish me luck yea..

took at kum wen wei's birthdayy..Happy Belated bufday to kum wen wei hehe =))

Monday, September 28, 2009

hello killer heels =))

Shopping Shopping a Shopaholic.being a shopaholic is so not easy.spent time with my bestie of cos...well we both still share de lamest jokes of cos,chit chat n shop de whole dayy.. =)) btw,where r u now cc??i cant find u larr seems like u sesat dy...=/ i didnt blog for so long..many things come and go.frens are leaving to futher their studies.whats next?? in my 2nd sem now n hw is getting stacked up everyday..i think i gonna get used by all those presentation n assignments..thanks m.y for helping me too yea..u rock =)
* I think tht u shud think twice n get a real good ans for urself.dun give up so easily,face reality.let time do de job.dun regret for wht u've done..dun worry k i will support u tho =)) this is wht frens meant to be hee.
p/s: ive update my blog crazy gurl...u knw hu u r =p teehee..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

owhh goshh having some prob wit my bloggie..i typed so long but cant post tho...=(( hmm today had my IT presentation n we were de first group tht lecturer was so pissed off other group kena frm her badly..luckily our group was fine =))

6th of june =)) -part 1
went out wit my buddies n celebrated yinn's bufday...haven been hanging out wit them since month.miss u guys tho. =(

ky n cc =))

lynn =))

besties aku =)

pinky dan aku

cc,yinn =)

group picca 1

group picca 2

part 2-
de evening session went to cassidy's bufday..happie belated bufday to u cassidy haha..his hse was kinda far like deep in de jungle..3 cars were many things happen tht day..kinda funny too..bii was too '8' n attracted de police to check our IC... =/random pics taken by random people haha...

rah dgn aku

ben dan rah

candid shot bii & me by rahh

guys chit chat timee

ze wei de kepala besar=p

group picca 1

group picca 2

de bufday boii

rahh n me

group picca


us =))

Monday, June 1, 2009

wooshhh hello peopleee

yoo bloggieee...hee i've been rushing to finish my assignments n also browsing thru my IT books...having de first quiz this coming thursday...sobs..kinda scaree..hmmm presentations buzzingg us ishhh...and my topic is animation??!!! wht laa im not pro in IT lorr..i'm a noobiee...i only knw those simply thingy like online n stuff like word also mah mah dei oni la...always ask de person beside me 'eh how to do this wan a.???' luckily de guy is kind enuf to teach me..heee...oh goshh my holiday will falls on de month of aug which is soo long ...arghh..went to de help library with some coursemates last fri,de library is like so far away from de main campus..we need to take de shuttle bus to go there == so ma fan was de 1st visit there too..

wht 'ang moh' do whn they are bored??=='haha

lol dunno wht facebook game is tht helicopter game ahaha..

english group workkk forming sentences using compound,complex sentences :p

our lecturer was looking at us while taking this pic loll.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 24thhh =))

Watched the night at de museum 2 for second time was not as bad as i was still funny tho...thanks to ryan for de ticket haha... anyway Happy bufday to jit lun too wee

Happy Sweet 18th Birthday to my dear fren Janice Lee Ci En!=)

Had a little celebration for her at wong kok..she's actualli my childhood fren.a twinkle of an eye we are both 18 already..time fliess

she has de same phone as me w910 =p

kawan baik ku=))

this guy is taller than me by one head ehh...gou lou...haha..ryan wong =))

toke many pics wit de bufday gurll =)

the three of uss carol jan n aku =))


our lai cha for de day lols..ryan is pro at serving drinks ;p

group pic for de dayy =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Dayyy

phewww...spent 10 hours at Help coll...tired gilerr...didnt manage to snap any pics today cause kinda busy haa..warao malaysia signboard realli need to improve a lott man.i almost fainted seeing those lousy signs..if a foreigner comes to k.l n follows de road signs,he/she will dong satt louu ;p went 1U to lepak awhile n then went bek to coll..gum gum so good hor...will be updating more pics next week =)) goodie nite ppl